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Andrea Szabo

Workshop Leader Andrea Szabo
Andrea Szabo
Andrea Szabo

Sound Etheric is a platform for Andrea Szabo to combine her skill as a healer, teacher, musician, clinical hypnotherapist, and creative for the benefit of others.  Andrea has a sound understanding of community issues, the creative process, music, holistic anatomical and mental health,  brain plasticity, metaphysics and energy medicine. As an individual in the community, she is highly respected as reliable, effective, and professional.


Andrea Szabo is a Clinical hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, singer, tarot reader and teacher. In the late 90’s Andrea developed a deep desire to further her understanding of healing and health, exploring many modalities and discovering meditation, manifestation, and healing self-help techniques.  Sound, and it's ability to heal, has become a passion and focus for her over these years.


She has run workshops, coached and mentored one on one for over 15 years.

For the last 10 years, through workshops, she has initiated programs for many

community groups. Due to the effectiveness and credibility of these self devised

workshops she has been granted much Federal, State and Council recognition,

funding and support. The groups she has worked with include children, workshops for people with disabilities and with those wanting personal development through mind set coaching or healing through sound therapy.


She is an advanced singing teacher and as a public speaker, and has presented at numerous seminars, symposiums, festivals and conferences. For the last 14 years she has run a Ladies Singing Group called Sing Sisters


Andrea is committed to her ongoing study of Counseling and Counseling techniques. After completing  basic training, she had worked for LIFE LINE as a counselor.


Her Tarot reading is uncanny and always gives the receiver what they need to hear so they can navigate life a little easier.

Co -Creators

These wonderful people below all assist at Sound Etheric.

Dr Kate 

Dr Shapland is a GP, trained in London, who has been in service for over 25 years. She owned and ran a busy general practice in North London until emigrating to the Gold Coast in 2000. She particularly leans towards complimentary therapies which empower people to heal themselves.Always interested in the field of integrative medicine, she has a healing-oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Her use of the crystal bowls came about with the understanding of how vibrational forces can heal.

Dr Shapland knows all too well that there are many health benefits to sound healing, and that it heals on many levels. After her sessions people  have reported that they feel less stressed, less anxious, and they can finally sleep well after suffering insomnia for years.


Dr Shapland also offers EFT as one to one sessions to release emotional blocks

This is  proven tapping method that work on acupuncture meridians.

It is all at your fingertips and she can teach you to do it yourself.     LINK to DR KATE

Geordie Leach

Geordie Leach has extensive audio and

production experience. He operates a studio

on the Gold Coast,and as colaborator, assists

in creating the Sound Etheric audios.


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