This is a non-invasive, holistic healing approach that addresses the subtle energies within and around the body. Energy Medicine does not replace medical treatment, but complements your physician's plan of care. Energy Medicine can be used for :- Chronic and acute pain / Stress and tension / Anxiety and agitation / Restlessness and sleeplessness / Respiratory distress many more applications


Private Session

One to One - by Appointment.

Andrea works with you on an energetic level through breath, sound and speak. 

Crystal Bowls and Voice play a part in the transformation.  Moving and balancing

the negative energy in the mind/body and spirit bringing you to balance and peace. 


Group Session

Occasionally we meet in a hall to experience the sound of the crystal bowl for mediative and calming practice. Sessions go for an hour where you can lie on a mat or sit in a chair to receive the vibrational healing and balancing energy. 

NEXT GROUP SESSION    MAY 10th  2020  Mudgeeraba Music Centre  11.00 -12.00     Cost  $15

Sound Healing Circle


Andrea facilitates the experience of ethereal frequencies through Crystal Bowl playing

and vocal toning.

The bowl resonates with the crystalline particles in our body. They are considered

feminine in nature and elicit a connection to our higher self. Vocal toning also

assists in bringing about transformation at a deep level.

You can sink deeply into the relaxing sound and experience at a cellular level

and release denser energy that can hold the body in an unhealthy state.

You are guided to chant which can also support health improvement.

Andrea will guide you through the hours journey so you can feel your energy centres

awaken, heal and allow the silence and peace to follow.


Investment: $15


Date; May 10th  (Please note this is Mothers Day)


Time: 11 am until 12 noon


Place : Mudgeeraba Music Centre


Group Session for fun

You can book Andrea to come to your venue after you have gathered your friends for a afternoon/evening of healing.

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Disclaimer: Sound Etheric Facilitator / Consultants do not diagnose medical problems,  nor do any of our services replace the need for medical attention or substitute for professional mental health care.