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Sound Etheric - Crystal Bowls and Chimes


In this recording, Dr Kate Shapland plays two bowls simultaneously whilst Andrea Szabo over lays another bowl to create just the right frequency for healing.

The use of chimes enhances the experience. Pure bowl tones and overtones create a change in the body and mind - rejuvenating and reenergising. When used regularly, they are great for restoring sleep patterns as well.   Purchase below, or if on a mobile device, click here to pay via form.


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CD Duration 47  mins


2-6  week delivery time


CD $15  AUD posted (Australia Only)



CD $20 AUD posted (Rest of the world)



MP3 Duration  33 mins

Hypnosis - Self Esteem


Duration 30 mins   N/A

This audio is musically embellished and specifically digitised to bring a change in brain wave patterning. It combines the skills of Andrea as a hypnotherapist, crystal bowl player and etheric musician. Her spoken word will bring the recipient the change in thought, feeling and behaviour.  The change focus in this audio is on   “ Self Esteem

Sound Scape - Satin Cloud


Duration 40 mins


Andrea Szabo creates a soundscape using crystal bowls, voice, drums and synth.  The vocal soundscape is made up of chants, tones and notes all combining to create a trance like atmosphere specific to lowering stress and improving health and healing. It is a wonderful audio to have playing any time anywhere for an ambient experience. Especially good whilst getting a therapy like massage or reiki.

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