Sound Healing Sessions

We offer one to one sessions for healing and betterment. Sound Healing is a holistic therapy using vocal toning, drums and crystal bowl harmonics to bring balance and calm.  Read about our practitioners Read More




​An Audio Series

The audio series from 'Sound Etheric' is designed to assist with relaxation, healing, and mindful changes for self-improvement. The music / toning / guided meditation / hypnosis can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime through headphones or via speakers.   If you practice massage, reiki, or energy healing, you can play this music during your healing sessions. Meditators can use it during their meditation. Others can use it for personal healing, relaxation, whenever they need an in-depth balance, or when they desire to use hypnosis for self-improvement.

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Live Sessions

You can experience some of what Sound Etheric has to offer live at your event or for your group. Andrea Szabo Tones with Crystal Bowls a relaxing and healing experience one to one also.  

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Workshops are also held periodically where YOU learn how to change negative thought patterns and reduce stress.

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If you have purchased a new home and would like to remove the energy from the last owners before you move in, we come to your residence. Also, if you feel the need to spring clean your current abode to clear stuck energy or move pain from the body, we can also assist.

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One to One reads by Andrea and a Fun Party idea 

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​Short Presentation

Sound Etheric Sample - Andrea Szabo and Dr Kate Shapland
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Disclaimer: Sound Etheric Facilitator / Consultants do not diagnose medical problems,  nor do any of our services replace the need for medical attention or substitute for professional mental health care.